Press Release for No Fear! Tales of a Change Agent or Why I couldn’t Fix Nortel Networks

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As Nortel Networks Trial Drags on, New Book Explains How It Happened!

For most of the 90s, Tim Dempsey was Nortel’s most senior executive for Organization Development. He worked with all of the top management team as the company rose to excellence and then crashed and burned. Dempsey was not only there, he saw it coming and tried to prevent it. In his new memoir, released today, “No Fear: Tales of a Change Agent, or, Why I Couldn’t Fix Nortel Networks,” he tells a number of stories to illustrate how a sick culture and a poorly formed leadership system can bring about the demise of a Fortune 50 sized company.

I love how Tim has brought to life the inner workings of a big corporate machine. That through his work on the soft elements and leadership he is able to see the nuances that affected this great Giant. I loved my years working with him and was thrilled to read his book. He has penned some great insights that I think are important for any change leader, OD or executive read.

—Caroline Paoletti, former HR Exec, Nortel Networks

A really great book that describes the trials and tribulations of attempting to implement leading edge thinking about OD, leadership and HR systems in a large organization.

—Robert Burnside, Chief Learning Officer and Partner, Ketchum Public Relations

How could a company that was worth almost $300 billion, almost a third of the Toronto Stock Exchange, with $30 billion in sales and over 100,000 employees fail completely to the point of liquidation? His themes are around Leadership, Learning, Trust, Power, and Customer Value. Dempsey calls this a Business Memoir told from the point of view of Organization Development, which he describes as “the art of assuring that people and organizations develop or acquire the capabilities they need to deliver their mission, serve their purpose and achieved their potential.” He managed both line and staff organizations for Nortel as he rose through the company, once leading almost a thousand people with a budget of $100 million. Dempsey has worked in Finance, Information Science, Knowledge Management, Marketing and Human Resources. He holds a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He now resides in Charleston, South Carolina. The book is available from Amazon, and iBooks.

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