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I recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund my book: No Fear! Tales of a Change Agent: Why I Couldn’t Fix Nortel Networks! I am happy to announce it has been published!


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First acclaim for No Fear! Tales of a Change Agent: Why I couldn’t Fix Nortel Networks

The latter few chapters are so rich with large scale change efforts and a learning environment (or lack thereof) that it should be a must read for those focused on systemic organizational change. So well written! Hurt Covington, former Director of HR for Nortel

Truly enjoyable read, even if it did bring back some painful (as well as some fun) memories of my years at Nortel. Thanks again for your efforts for writing and publishing this work.
Harry Fitzpatrick, former Sr. Mgr. Global New Product Introduction for Nortel

I do feel this is a book to be read by those in or contemplating entry to the OD field. Some powerful examples of integrity, trust, and staying true to one’s values.
John Dowd, Vice President, HR, NC Community Care Networks

Tim, Just finished your book last night and it was a great read Thanks for all your insights and efforts! Also, thanks especially for your plug for Race Awareness. That was my ” baby”. It only took four years to get agreement to bring it in- house and that honor goes to John Hofmeister.– Claudia Pattison, former Senior Manager for Employee Relations Learning Initiatives, Nortel.

The book has relevance, and imparts value, beyond ex-Nortel employees. I hope it attracts the broader readership that it deserves.
–Michael Camp, CEO Symphony Sensors

I recall your saying to me in a rare (and welcome) conversation I had with you at NT , “ I don’t want to be assimilated”. That spoke volumes to me then and even more now after reading your book – which explained everything – including why the Dilbert comic strip remains so long-lastingly popular among cynics like me. NO FEAR was riveting. I am so glad you wrote it.
–Ann Wilson, Former Nortel Human Resources Manager

I love how Tim has brought to life the inner workings of a big corporate machine. That through his work on the soft elements and leadership he is able to see the nuances that affected this great Giant. I loved my years working with him and was thrilled to read his book. He has penned some great insights that I think are important for any change leader, OD or executive read.
—Caroline Paoletti, former HR Exec, Nortel Networks

Looking back, the failure of OD to click in Nortel was an opportunity missed that could have resulted in a very different outcome. Struggling for two decades against an embedded culture that had produced phenomenal growth, Tim always faced an uphill battle for change; there is much to be learnt in this book and his efforts, about tenacity and embedded hubris.” Ian Craig, Retired Exec VP Nortel

A really great book that describes the trials and tribulations of attempting to implement leading edge thinking about OD, leadership and HR systems in a large organization.
—Robert Burnside, Chief Learning Officer and Partner, Ketchum Public Relations

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